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Comic Script Font
Block Font
Old English Font
Script Font

Request any standard font.  Some embroider well, some do not.  The above fonts were chosen because they all embroider best.

You can tell us what you need
and request a PayPal Invoice.

Fabric Colors
Tread Colors

You can send us an email and tell us what you want in your own words
                         ***Whatever is easiest for YOU*** :-)

How to Order

1.  Pay through PayPal  (Payment and sewing instructions initiates production.)
2.  Receive jpeg proof for your approval.
3.  Request as many changes/corrections as necessary to get exactly what you need.
4.  Receive a jpeg proof for each change/correction.
If you do not like proof receive 100% refund.  You are NEVER locked into a purchase.
5.  On shipping day, receive tracking number from PayPal.
6.  On shipping day, receive a shipping notice from ProPatch with a photo of patches.
7.  You will have NO doubts about production or shipping of your order. 


Start Copying Below

1. Your name (to match with order)-___
2. Quantity this design-___
3. Standard Size (1.5"X3.75")or Custom-___
4. Fabric Color-___
5. Border Thread Color-___
6. Line 1 Name,Title or Text-___
7. Line 1 Thread Color-___
8. Line 1 Type Font (Block, Script, Old English, Comic Script-___

Fill in below ONLY if you want 2 lines of copy on your patches.

9. Line 2 Name,Title or Text-___
10. Line 2 Thread Color-___
11. Line 2 Type Font (Block, Script, Old English, Comic Script-___
12. Line 2 to be Larger, Smaller or Same Size as Line 1-___

Stop Copying Above

The form below is not mandatory, but it does prevent forgetting or leaving out details.

Can mix with oval Name
Patches for minimum or volume price. 
1-4 Patches @ $5.88 each.
5-49 Patches @ $4.75 each.
50-99 Patches @ $3.99 each.

Standard size is 1.5" X 3.75" inches.
Choose any size up to 2" X 5" inches at NO extra charge.

100-199 Patches @ $3.49 each
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